Power Of Words In Politics or State Governance! Business Strategy For Success

Let us see some slogans or sets of words that brought great success to the Congress party in the political movement in India after independence.


“Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!” played a great role in parliamentary election once, when the burning problem was national security and the need for more food production. “Kharibi Hatoe” was key word in another election. ‘Success to Soldiers! Success to Peasants!’, and ‘Drive away Famine!’ are the two sets of meaningful slogans that assured ‘national safety and prosperity’ once and ‘food for all’ in another occasion.


These slogans played an important role in assuring certain benefits to the society as a whole and alluring the voting citizens to contribute their share in winning the election.


I wish to quote certain examples from Tamil Nadu, a Southern State in India, where love for the language and adherence to culture are considered as duty and discipline. The Chief minister of the state would always address the people with a chosen set of phrase.


While calling the attention of his camaraderie, the erstwhile Chief minister, Mr. C.N.Annadurai, used to commence his speech with “Unnaithan Thambi” meaning “calling you only my younger brother”. His name ‘Annadurai’ itself stands to mean ‘elder brother’.

Mr.M.Karunanithi, well seasoned present day politician and the Chief minister of the state, always addresses his countrymen with “en udan pirappugale” meaning ‘you have born with me’ or ‘brothers and sisters’.


Mr. M.G.Ramachandran, popularly known as MGR, (cine actor turned chief minister) had a strong crowd pulling power with these words: “en rahthathin raththame,” meaning ‘my blood of bloods’.

One of the cine directors of Tamil cinema, Bharathi Raja used to address with the emotional words, “en iniya Tamil makkale,” meaning “my sweetest Tamil citizens”.


Thereafter so many similar things had happened in politics; slogans were of great use for the political parties to propaganda their policies and programs. Political parties use selected phrases for and against each other. These words are attractive and meaningful. These catch phrases are powerful in pulling the crowd and bringing the required positive or negative results in elections.


To give an extraordinary example in Indian-Tamilnadu politics, we may say that the following set of words of a popular cine star, Rajini Kanth, had acted very strongly against a chief minister said to have misruled the state.

“Antha ammavukku ottu pottal eni antha andavane vanthalum kappatha mudiyathu”, the meaning of this Tamil sentence goes thus:

“If you vote for that (misruled) lady (chief minister), hereafter, even if the God descends down, He cannot save us.”

The speech of the cine star spread like a fire of the forest and made people work against the misruled Chief minister automatically. It created a history in the politics of Tamilnadu, by turning upside down of the total support.


Very recently to replace a non functional government and to ease the burden of the people, one leading political party offered a series of programs with assurance like, ‘jobs for all’ and also ‘rice for all’ at an unimaginable a low price in public distribution system. “Two rupees for a kilogram of rice” is the slogan that enchanted the people at the low and middle class level.

In any case, the burning problems of the people should be analyzed thoroughly to find out the most critical one amongst them.

The most critical problem should be addressed with due care to give extraordinary solutions that make people fully satisfied.

The scheme behind the success of this program is as follows:


When an offer is made with select phrases that are meaningful and powerful enough to draw the people, then the people will look into the significance of the solutions. The result could be that the people themselves will take part in the dissemination of the favorable policies and programs to make it a successful episode.


More Easily, More Naturally, More automatically, and More Certainly!

See you in the next!

Regaining Political Control: Will Democrats Use A Successful Strategy?

Under ordinary circumstances, when any President, could brag about the quality of the American economy, he would be considered, an, almost, shoo – in, for being reelected! However, as most realize, these are anything, but normal times! On the other hand, when an incumbent has such low favorable ratings, as President Trump, you might think it’s easy, to regain control of the White House. But, once again, we are going through, a very unusual, period of time. While we might expect, Mr. Trump, to continue campaigning, for reelection in 2020, as he has, during his well – attended rallies, by using lots of rhetoric, making numerous claims, often, instilling fears, by blaming immigrants, etc, it is far less certain, precisely, what might be the Democratic Party’s plan/ strategy, to defeat this President, while simultaneously, gaining control of the U.S. Senate, and maintaining their majority, in the House of Representatives. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of their options.

1. Focus on Trump: Although, most polls, indicate, potential voters, oppose many of Mr. Trump’s policies, actions, rhetoric, etc, and, there continues, to be, mistrust, based on the numerous, reported activities of his campaign, and those around him (as well as other potential scandals), the strength and loyalty of the President’s core supporter/ base, as well as the layout of the Electoral College, makes it uncertain, if one, can be elected, simply by opposing an incumbent, especially with the advantages, most incumbents have, in campaigning!

2. Out – Progressive, each other: How far to the political left, does the electorate, want, the Democrats, to move? Will nominating, someone, considered, far, left – of – center, drive away independent voters, and more moderate individuals? Won’t this make it easy for Trump, who would undoubtedly, use rhetoric, and negative slogans, and other scare tactics, to convince these voters, they should be scared to vote for them?

3. Maintaining progressive voters: When Hillary Clinton was nominated, many of Bernie Sanders’ most ardent supporters, either did not vote, voted for one of the minor candidates, or cast their votes, for Donald Trump! If Sanders, does not get the nomination, will we see this again? Which candidate, or candidates, might be attractive to these individuals, while appealing to more moderate people, also?

4. Women voters: How might women react, to the rhetoric of this President, and the apparent, anti – choice, policies, and ideas? Will there be a better than usual, turnout? How can Democrats, attract these voters, without taking them, for granted, and avoiding, being an, one – issue, party/ campaign?

5. Minorities: Will the rhetoric of hate and blame, bring minorities, out, in greater numbers, than usual, or, will, it attract and inspire, the people, Ms. Clinton, referred to, as the Deplorables, to go the polls?

6. Age: How big a factor will age, be? Since 3 of the leading (in the polls), Democratic candidates, are about 70, or older, as is President Trump, will age be a factor? Do the voters want someone younger? Would someone, less identified, with the status quo, or younger, have more appeal?

7. What’s the plan – What do they represent?: Do voters want to hear a different vision, which addresses, needs, perceptions, priorities, and, is relevant and sustainable? How will they balance the need to pay attention to climate change issues, while showing a better way, to address the economic, job – related, and health care needs, of our citizens?

8. Health care: Is Medicare For All, appealing to potential voters, or will it scare them away, because of the unknowns, such as costs, how it might work, etc?

9. Regaining control of Congress: Unless/ until, Democrats also control both houses of Congress, how will things, really change, for the better? This will require a district – by – district, state – by – state, battle, with ideas, and viable solutions, to restore the many threatened American Constitutional guarantees, such as freedoms, justice, and liberty, for all!

There’s no easy question to this topic. Balancing politics, common sense, and empathy, will be a necessity, to do so!