5 Reasons Politics Over Policy Is Bad Leadership

Although, historically, politics, has been somewhat, partisan, in nature, we have never, in recent memory, observed, such a degree of unwillingness, to even consider, bipartisan cooperation, even when it is the need of the American public. This behavior, which might be referred to, as, politics, over policy/ people, is bad leadership, because it, unfairly favors, one’s political supporters, over the rest of the public. Wouldn’t we better served, if, once elected, politicians transformed into statesmen, and focused on the common good, rather than personal political agenda, and/ or self – interest? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, this is, both, bad policy and a lack of genuine leadership.

1. Not relevant: Empty rhetoric and promises, might garner votes, and be popular, but it’s not genuine leadership, nor in the best interests of the public! America, especially with the many challenges, the world and nation, faces, today, needs relevant solutions, rather than polarization, or pitting one segment against another! Whether this is because of the unique persona, and nature, of President Donald Trump, or an undesirable trend, it does not achieve, what is best, for most Americans!

2. Unsustainable: President Trump, in an attempt to be popular, and honor his campaign promise, to change the tax system, and lower taxes, endorsed the legislation, passed towards the end of 2017, which was portrayed, as focused on the middle – class, while actually, favoring the wealthiest individuals and corporations. Claiming this would create economic growth, is based, on the often – unproven, claim, of Trickle – Down Economics. In the, less than half – year, since enacted, we have observed a huge expansion of the federal deficit, with forecasts, for ever – expanding deficits, into the future, and corporations, which Trump and his supporters, claimed, would use the additional revenues, to hire more people, and pay more, have actually, used most of this windfall, to grow their corporate gains!

3. Change should be, for the better, not just, for change – sake: When political rhetoric becomes empty promises, the change is, rarely, beneficial, to the overall good, of most Americans. Measure the results, not, by the level of rhetoric and promises, but, rather, whether it creates added benefits, for most Americans!

4. Common good, not personal agenda: Be certain, the plans and policies, are not based on personal or political agendas, or someone’s self – interests! Unless/ until, the focus, consistently, focuses on service to the public, for the common good, rather to a politician’s supporters, and/ or donors, elected officials are not representing us!

5. Make America Greater!: When Donald Trump was a candidate, his campaign slogan was, Make America Great Again. While, this meant different things to different individuals, I resented the word, again, because it implied, we weren’t already, a quality nation, and urged us, to look back, to the past, rather than, to the future. As Paul Simon wrote, in his song, Kodachrome, “Everything looks worse, in black, and white.” We should, rather seek, to improve how government serves its people, rather than elected officials, and/ or special interest!

Public policy should be the top priority, for our elected officials. Unfortunately, as we are presently witnessing and observing, politics and self – interest, seem to be prioritized!

Five Reasons Hinder Women’s Participation in Politics

Women constitute a larger chunk in our society. However the history of struggle of women to stand on equal footings among their male counterparts is not very scintillating. From the suffrage movement of 1980s till today the struggle is continued in one or the other way. The developed countries have alleviated their status in a better way whereas the developing countries are still struggling. The incorporation of gender equality in its sustainable development goals by United Nations reflects the need to uplift the situation of women all around the globe. The commitment showed by the developing countries towards achieving this goal is commendable. However the subjects for which the strategies are being devised, laws are being enacted and actions are being taken, must also realize the importance of their voice and their inclusion in the system at par with their male counterparts.

The first step for women empowerment and for women to make their voice heard is to participate in the politics. The importance of being an active participant in the political process is realized from the fact that only after being elected and after becoming a part of the legislative body, they will be in a position to make their voice heard and shall be able to communicate the grievances and problems faced by women at large. Finally to shape the laws which benefit women as well.

Five reasons that hinder women to participate in politics:

1. Cultural Barriers: In most of the developing countries, the role of women is to be a mother, sister and daughter. She supposed to look after the house. They are not allowed to choose whatever profession they want in the first instance even if they are allowed; the choice is limited for women.

2. Lack of education: Firstly the level of education in these countries is not up to the mark. The women who are educated prefer to remain safe by joining professions like teaching etc. Secondly the majority of women do not hold the required knowledge about the processes and women are also not given access to the experience of contributing in the important policy making issues due to this reason. This further deteriorates their situation.

3. Institutional Barriers: they include the processes and procedures which make it difficult for women to survive in the working scenario. To adjust so that they may become acceptable in a particular environment in an organization, women need to transform their feminist behavior into certain masculine flows which isolate them in the society or in the other scenario creates huge pressure on them to maintain work and life balance.

4. Patriarchal system: Patriarchal system pervades in every field in the developing countries. Women are not allowed by the male members of their family in the first instance to select this field. If they do select, they have to face the patriarchal culture in their working environment as well which undermines their skills and snubs their voice.

5. Economic dependency: this is also a major reason, as most of the women in the developing countries maintain domestic chores; they are highly dependent on their male members. This economic dependence not only shatters their level of confidence at one hand but also discourage them from exhibiting such intentions or desires.

These are the more or less universal reasons which create hindrance in the way of women to participate in politics. To achieve the goal of gender equality and increased participation of women in politics firstly the authorities need to understand the root causes which are responsible in a particular contextual setting. Only then the corrective actions and measure shall work.

Boxing Politics, Still An Unavoidable Part Of The Sport

Even in 2015, the back and forth posturing is still frustratingly prevalent in the industry.

Boxing is one of the oldest sports there is and as such carries a lot of history, baggage and in some senses, old school ways.

There are many unfair and unwanted stereotypes associated with the sport regarding things like corruption and fixing, which in my view are totally inaccurate, uneducated and prejudice slurs pointed at the sport in today’s time of 2015.

I can’t comment on how things were in the past but what I can comment on is today’s time and since I got started out in boxing journalism over the last few years.

The sport is now run essentially by global TV networks, sports management companies and sports promotional companies. In 2015, you just would not get away with mass corruption in any sport anymore – you’d be found out.

I’m not saying that nothing untoward never happens in the sport, that would be naive. But in my opinion the same can be said about any professional sport or any professional business for that matter.

When money comes into the equation, there is always going to be unscrupulous individuals looking to make a quick buck or take short cuts.

One thing that I do not still exists in the game today is boxing politics. In this article I will not name any names for the purpose of fairness, balance and objectivity.

In a time where the sport is really flourishing again and on is well on its way back to mainstream media for a variety of reasons, including major TV broadcasters investing in the sport again and the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao super fight been made, we are still continuing to see a lot of big fights not getting made – which is highly frustrating.

A well known observer within the game recently defined the modern day boxing landscape quite well I thought, “It is annoying that the big fights we want are the ones we are least likely to see. Welcome to modern world of do what you like boxing”. How right he was.

In today’s time you still have promoters quarreling, that hasn’t change. What they quarrel over has though. Back in the day boxers were almost slaves to promoters’ less than fair contracts. That’s all changed now.

The promoters work for the fighters today and are more motivated by money than ever, due to arguably there being less money in the business for them compared to what they used to be able to exploit out of boxers years ago.

Today’s boxing politics are dominated by terms and arguments like “A side vs B side”, “we bring more money to the table then you do”, “Your fighter doesn’t do the numbers on pay per view that ours does”, etc.

Professional boxing has always been a money business, but now more so than ever in my opinion. You are seeing new age promoters and managers coming through at the moment, in the time of social media and almost public negotiation.

This has been meshed in with a lot of the old school key players’ less than willing nature to accept modern day technologies like social media and the internet.

Alas, they’ve had no choice at this stage but often times their egos do not allow them to engage with promoters and power players in the game who come from this newer, fresher, more transparent, technology drive generation – where the customer (the fight fan) expects a better product than ever before (the best boxers fighting the best boxers).

The sport of boxing is going through a lot of changes globally at the moment. Politics will always be there unfortunately, that’s just human nature in any business.

But with the way technology and the internet continues to influence the sport and indeed all sport, I believe the transparency of these politics will only continue to be brought to the surface more and more in the coming years.

Boxing has no choice but to change due to the many other combat sports products out there embracing new technologies and more importantly – putting on the best fights.

It will though. Boxing has been around for a long time and in my opinion, will return to it’s glory days before this decade is out.