How Can Continuing Education Help With a Career Change?

Continuing education should be your first stop if you are considering a career change. Not only will continuing education help you gain knowledge about a new field, but you can also see if this direction is worth pursuing. Here is what you can get out of these programs:

A trial run: Taking a class in a field that interests you will help you figure out if you want to follow through with a career change.

Online classes: More and more institutions are offering classes online, and those classes require the use of several different computer programs. Whether or not you wind up changing careers, increased computer literacy is a skill everyone should have.

A flexible schedule: Whether your class is online or not, continuing education often happens on nights or weekends, so you can hang on to your paycheck and your benefits. An online class might be even easier to handle since you won’t have to commute to school. The only catch is that, to make the most of the career change opportunity, you must be disciplined enough to follow through.

Contacts: Many people who teach continuing ed courses are currently working and maintain connections in their chosen fields. Work hard to impress your instructors, ask them for career information and stay in touch. Let them know when you start sending out your resume, and they can give you guidance. If you get a job, you’ll make the instructor look good.

Inspiration: A terrific teacher and a challenging class can ignite your passion to make this career change. If you get along with your teacher and excel in the class, your teacher may be willing to become your mentor.